Behind the scene, Why Vince McMahon ordered not to mention the Big Dog on TV

Behind the scene, Why Vince McMahon ordered not to mention the Big Dog on TV

The Fatal Decision

The Big Dog made his own decision to not participate in Wrestle Mania 36 because his immune system can not resist Corona virus so he was afraid to lose his life and miss his wife and daughter.

As Reigns has battled leukemia twice during childhood, besides his wife was given birth of two twins so he has now five children who need to be cared of

Behind the scene
But suddenly Vince McMahon ordered not to mention Roman's name on TV, hence, two reasons for that:-

1 - It may be  a punishment from Vince to the Big Dog as he refused to participate in Wrestle Mania 36. 

2 - They are trying to make the audience forget the absence of Roman Reigns, or may be Vince is gonna release the Big Dog>>> but it is impossible. 

Given that COVID-19 is very dangerous to those with compromised immune systems, Reigns had to drag out of his Universal title bout with Rube Goldberg.

According to Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon has tutored WWE performers to not mention Reigns’ name on air for the present.

Meltzer wrote within the Wrestling Observer: “Notes from the 4/10 TV tapings in metropolis. The show opened with Strowman out. 

He aforementioned that once chance knocks, you open the door. right away the directions on tv area unit to not ever mention Reigns. Strowman aforementioned that he took the door off its hinges and place Rube Goldberg down permanently.”

In a strange, Vince McMahon approach, it is smart why WWE wouldn’t mention him whereas they’re that specialize in the talent that area unit on their programme right away.

Past Pushes

Roman has had an almost unprecedented push to the top after his time in The Shield, in spite of getting blended responses, best case scenario. He has fizzled at being the star WWE needed him to be, and this could be the last nail in the casket. While WWE is probably not going to discharge Roman Reigns given the amount they have put into him, he could stay in the midcard job he been in since his arrival from leukemia. It could be quite a while before Roman gets one more opportunity at the World Championship after this, as he may now be seen as questionable by the higher ups in WWE. 

In any case, it will be some time before Roman Reigns is back on WWE TV. He will probably be remaining at home with his better half and children until the worldwide pandemic is in a less genuine state. Do you think WWE could resent Roman Reigns for pulling out of Wrestle Mania 36?

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