Drew McIntyre needs a better win

 Drew McIntyre needs a better win 

We all agree that WrestleMania 36 this year was unique, and the best pay-per-views we have ever seen. In the second night included Charlotte Flair turning into the new NXT women champion and the main-event we saw Drew McIntyre in his best put down Brock Lesnar with four Claymore Kicks to win his first WWE Championship.

A long time ago, Drew McIntyre should have done this, Lamentably, what ought to have been a profession pivotal turning point for the Scottish Superstar didn't have a similar effect is ought to have had.

Creativity began in WrestleMania 36 emerged from nobody, no crowed so this led to some creative choices nobody expected.
The Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches were stunning in how engaging they were. 

Regardless of whether you cherished or abhorred them, everyone was stuck to the screen to perceive what might occur straightaway. 

WWE made the correct call to have The Undertaker versus AJ Styles close the main night since nothing could have tailed it—not even Strowman crushing Goldberg. 

On the subsequent night, the executives decided to have McIntyre and Lesnar close the show directly after the corrosive excursion that was the Firefly Fun House coordinate. 

Going from a dreamlike craftsmanship piece to a conventional match that lone endured a couple of moments totally destroyed the progression of the show and wound up making McIntyre's minute in the sun somewhat less captivating. 

Wyatt and Cena ought to have shut the most unusual WrestleMania with the strangest match ever, while McIntyre and The Beast ought to have continued it.

whren you watch Drew McIntyre match with Brock Lesnar, you feel like, you watched it before somewhere as it was a copy of Strowman vs. Goldberg match.

McIntyre has been probably the most sizzling follow up on Raw for a considerable length of time. He was in any event, getting steam before he had his champion execution at the Royal Rumble.

In any case, it's incredible to see The Scottish Psychopath get his due. He was placed in an unthinkable position when WWE got him as Vince McMahon's handpicked protege in 2007. 

He left, became well known on the autonomous scene and returned greater and beyond anyone's imagination. His ascent to the top has been a delight to watch, and it will be a great deal of enjoyable to perceive how he handles being the essence of WWE's leader image. 

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